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Advanced Guitar Lessons at Palos Music Workshop

Music Lessons in Palos Park, IL

Welcome to Palos Music Workshop, where students learn to rock and balance education with all the fun and awesomeness of a great jam session.

Whether our students are on guitar, bass, drums, or vocals, Palos Music Workshop’s experienced teachers helps our students build the skills they need beyond the stage.

Palos Music Workshop

Want professional Guitar Lessons?


Palos Music Workshop is a quality full service Recording and Music Education Studio. All of us here at Palos Music Workshop are happy to have made music our business and enjoy making your music lessons both fun and rewarding.

Located in Palos Park, Palos Music Workshop specializes in musical instruction for students of all ages, abilities, and styles. Private lessons are available for drum set, guitar, bass, banjo, and mandolin. Lessons are individually tailored to suit each student’s interests and abilities and cover all musical genres.

Private music lessons in Palos Park

Private music lessons in Palos Park

Palos Music Workshop offers a variety of music lessons in one location, saving our students time and money, as one family can take multiple instruments on the same day.

We have private music teachers, all with either University degrees, or professional performance experience. Our teachers love what they do and dedicate themselves to teaching you in accordance with your musical goals. They know the perfect balance of hands-on technique, performance, theory and fun! With multiple teachers for every instrument and voice, we are confident that we have the right teacher for you.

We know some of our adult students travel or have shifting work schedules. No problem! We work with you to find lesson days/times that meet your schedule!

Guitar & Bass Lessons

Palos Park Guitar & Bass Lessons

Palos Music Workshop is a professional music lesson studio located in Palos Park, IL offering one on one instruction for guitar, bass guitar and drums. You want to learn how to play, but you want to have fun too, right? You’ve already made the decision to take private lessons, now is the time to commit! Taking lessons can be quite intimidating. You simply cannot learn any art form over night. There’s just so much to learn and practice.
Everyone learns at his or her own pace and level. Most people are looking for someone to show them how to play the guitar and play songs. Maybe you want to write your own songs or learn basic music theory. This is Palos Music Workshop. It is our job to make each lesson interesting, informative, educational and above all, fun!
Do you really want to practice that guitar and be confident enough to play an entire repertoire of songs, to impress your family and friends? Contact Palos Music Workshop!

Guitar Lessons - SW Chicago Suburbs

Guitar Lessons – SW Chicago Suburbs

Palos Music Workshop is dedicated solely to the teaching of music in SW Chicago Suburbs. We offer private lessons in guitar styles from classical and folk to jazz and rock. We also teach guitar, bass guitar, drums, banjo, mandolin, and music theory. All instructors at Palos Music Workshop are full time dedicated musicians.

Prior to enrolling, students are invited to call to schedule goals with the appropriate instructor and for advice about their instrument.

Palos Music Workshop is located in Palos Park, IL.

Palos Park Bass guitar lessons

Palos Park Bass guitar lessons

The Palos Music Workshop is a music teaching studio in Palos Park offering lessons in guitar, bass, drums, and more. Palos Music Workshop is a place designed and fueled by a passion for music education and performance. Our teachers are not only passionate about education, they also genuinely care about enriching the lives of their students. The collective experience of our team of instructors ranges from seasoned classical musicians to rock and jazz artists who have toured the world. Our aim is to provide Palos Park with the best quality in music instruction for any instrument. Contact us via phone or email today and let’s make music together!
Palos Music Workshop

Private Guitar/Bass Guitar Lessons in Palos Park

Private Guitar/Bass Guitar Lessons in Palos Park

Palos Music Workshop is a professional music lesson studio located in Palos Park, IL offering one on one instruction for guitar, bass guitar and drums. Students will need to have their own bass. If you need help finding your first instrument we can help.

Our lessons are taught with patient and experienced professionals with over 20 years of teaching experience.. We can teach you everything you need to know from square one or pick up where you left off. In addition to note and chord-chart reading, students will learn the application of bass playing in different styles, improvisation, and harmonic analysis.
Palos Music Workshop

Classical Guitar Lessons in Palos Park

Guitar Lessons Palos Park Orland Park Tinley Park

Palos Music Workshop offers professional guitar lessons from a private professional music studio in Palos Park, IL.
All ages are welcome including youngsters, budding rockers or adult hobbyists. Certainly, no previous experience is necessary but some students are well advanced.

Some students have eclectic tastes from the onset and wish to pursue or least seek an introduction to a variety of styles including rock, popular, country or folk. On the other hand, some students really don’t have a particular stylistic aspiration in mind and certainly, equally as welcome.

The guitar is our vehicle in this journey. This process begins with good or proper fundamentals. Great technique never goes out of style and the individual and unique goals of the student are always considered as well.

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Palos Music Workshop offers private music lessons

Guitar, Bass & Drum Lessons in Palos Park, IL

Palos Music Workshop offer guitar lessons with individual instruction for all ages in various styles. Our instructors will design a lesson program based on aptitude and type of music the student is interested in learning. If the student wishes to focus on classical, blues, jazz, finger picking, or rock guitar, we have teachers that specialize in those styles. Lesson repertoire includes theory, technique, ear training, and performance preparation. Contact Palos Music Workshop today!

Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lessons in Palos Park

Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lessons in Palos Park

Whether you are interested in a specific style or simply want to learn the basics, Palos Music Workshop guitar lessons allow you to learn guitar at your own pace. Lessons are tailored to your musical interests . Play your favorite songs, or learn to read music and understand music theory. You can learn to play popular guitar styles like Classical, Flamenco, Rock, Folk, Country, and much more.

Palos Music Workshop will teach you how to play your favorite electric guitar music from the radio or from any other source. Our teachers are currently active performers in bands of many genres including rock, jazz, reggae, Latin, pop and alternative. The quality and experience of our instructors is another way we provide the best guitar lessons Palos Park has to offer!