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Advanced Guitar Lessons at Palos Music Workshop

Music Lessons in Palos Park, IL

Welcome to Palos Music Workshop, where students learn to rock and balance education with all the fun and awesomeness of a great jam session.

Whether our students are on guitar, bass, drums, or vocals, Palos Music Workshop’s experienced teachers helps our students build the skills they need beyond the stage.

Palos Music Workshop

Effective guitar lessons in Palos Park

Palos Park Guitar Lessons in Pro Studio

Palos Music Workshop is a family-run professional music studio for lessons and recording, staffed by knowledgeable enthusiastic musicians devoted to providing expert advice in a warm atmosphere.

Palos Music Workshop is located in Palos Park, IL. We provide music instruction to ages and all levels are taught from beginner to advanced. Our instructors take a rounded approach to learning music, exploring technique, music theory, ear training, reading standard notation and tablature, improvisation and more.

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Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Palos Park

Electric and Acoustic Guitar Lessons in Palos Park

Palos Music Workshop is a private music studio in Palos Park.
Do you want to play Jimi Hendrix, classical guitar, blues, strum campfire songs and/or have a complete understanding of music theory and how it relates to the guitar?
After you learn the basics (tuning, holding the guitar etc…), we’ll pick one of your favorite songs that’s suitable for your level. You’ll learn how to practice efficiently and exercise proper technique.
We offer music lessons for many instruments at one location and teach students from beginner to adult. All of our teachers are University trained with professional performance experience. Our music teachers are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you to achieve them.

Guitar Lessons For Kids

Palos Park Guitar Lessons

Do you want to learn guitar but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve been playing, but you’re stuck in one place and not sure what your next step should be. You’ve already taken the first step in the right direction!

Palos Music Workshop offers fun and enjoyable music lessons in a private professional recoding studio in Palos Park, IL. With the help of an experienced teacher, you can learn and improve your guitar playing skills.


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Too old to take Guitar lessons? Not in Palos Park

Too old to take Guitar lessons? Not in Palos Park

If a Guitar teacher has told you that you are too old to start Guitar lessons, it’s probably because the Guitar teacher you were speaking with was a closed minded person. It’s never too early to start taking Guitar lessons.

If you have the time to practice, you can learn to play Guitar. Learning to play Guitar takes time and dedication. You may also need a Guitar instructor. Come to Palos Music Workshop.

Call today to be matched with one of our certified Guitar teachers.

Guitar lessons in Palos Park for Children and Adults

Guitar lessons in Palos Park for Children and Adults

Whether you are just starting out for the first time or honing old skills, Palos Music Workshop’s staff of patient, professional, fun, friendly and reliable Guitar teachers can teach you how to read and write music or just quickly learn to play your favorite songs

Palos Music Workshop’s Guitar teachers in Palos Park have music degrees from some of the most prestigious colleges of music in the world.

Our Guitar teachers have more than just an exceptional ability to play Guitar and vast knowledge of music. Our Guitar teachers have the personality required to teach fun and productive Guitar lessons. We feel that it is important to provide a positive balance between lesson structure and flexibility in the type of music you want to play.

Private music lessons in Palos Park

Private music lessons in Palos Park

Palos Music Workshop offers a variety of music lessons in one location, saving our students time and money, as one family can take multiple instruments on the same day.

We have private music teachers, all with either University degrees, or professional performance experience. Our teachers love what they do and dedicate themselves to teaching you in accordance with your musical goals. They know the perfect balance of hands-on technique, performance, theory and fun! With multiple teachers for every instrument and voice, we are confident that we have the right teacher for you.

We know some of our adult students travel or have shifting work schedules. No problem! We work with you to find lesson days/times that meet your schedule!

Guitar & Bass Lessons

Palos Park Guitar & Bass Lessons

Palos Music Workshop is a professional music lesson studio located in Palos Park, IL offering one on one instruction for guitar, bass guitar and drums. You want to learn how to play, but you want to have fun too, right? You’ve already made the decision to take private lessons, now is the time to commit! Taking lessons can be quite intimidating. You simply cannot learn any art form over night. There’s just so much to learn and practice.
Everyone learns at his or her own pace and level. Most people are looking for someone to show them how to play the guitar and play songs. Maybe you want to write your own songs or learn basic music theory. This is Palos Music Workshop. It is our job to make each lesson interesting, informative, educational and above all, fun!
Do you really want to practice that guitar and be confident enough to play an entire repertoire of songs, to impress your family and friends? Contact Palos Music Workshop!

Private music instruction in Palos Park

Private music instruction in Palos Park

Palos Music Workshop offers piano lessons, voice lessons, guitar lessons, drum lessons, violin and viola lessons and band instruments. We will, of course, challenge the student to do his/her very best, however we will not pressure the student to do more then able, considering the learning pace of the student and the time he or she has to practice. We understand that people are busy, especially adult students, and we would rather the student continue lessons even if the learning pace is slow, then to not take at all and therefore learn nothing!

Palos Music Workshop only hires instructors who love to teach and can pass that excitement on to the student, teaching with a positive approach.

Palos Music Workshop offers private music lessons

Palos Music Workshop offers private music lessons

Palos Music Workshop offers private music lessons in our private studio on a variety of instruments. We currently have students coming in each week and more sign up all the time. Our teachers are highly trained, skilled professionals who will tailor your lesson experience to your needs and desires. Whether you’re a brand new student looking to learn from scratch or a professional who wants to perfect existing skills or add new ones, Palos Music Workshop is here for you.