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Music Lessons in Palos Park, IL

Private Music Lessons for All Ages in Palos Park

Palos Music Workshop offers Private music lessons in Palos Park. Looking for one-on-one instruction? Palos Music Workshop can accommodate all of your musical needs. You pick the instrument (guitar, bass, drums, mandolin or banjo) and style. We assess your skill level. Together, we work to meet your goals, and get you on your way to making the music that you want to play.

All of Palos Music Workshop’s instructors have accredited music degrees and are actively working not only as teachers, but also professional performers and musicians. Our teacher’s energetic and passionate outlook on music is contagious, giving their students a love for music that will last a lifetime.

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Palos Park Music Lessons for Children and Adults

Palos Music Workshop specializes in top-notch, state of the art, private music lessons. Our instructors are highly- trained and the best in the business. We offer guitar, bass, drums, and more! Palos Music Workshop provides lessons for students of all skill levels.

Palos Music Workshop is dedicated to providing the best possible music lesson experience in an environment that encourages creativity and excellence. We also offer easy access and flexible hours to accommodate today’s busy families. Serving Alsip, Bridgeview, Burbank, Chicago Ridge, Crestwood, Hickory Hills, Hometown, Lemont, Midlothian, Mt. Greenwood, Oak Forest, Oak Lawn, Orland Hills, Orland Park, Palos Heights, Palos Hills, Palos Park, Robbins, Tinley Park, Willow Springs, and Worth.
Guitar lessons palos hills

Guitar Lessons in Palos Heights, IL

Take Electric, Acoustic, or Bass Guitar Lessons in Palos Park

Get a good guitar teacher now. Palos Music Workshop offers the best guitar lessons in alsip, bridgeview, burbank, chicago ridge, crestwood, hickory hills, hometown, lemont, midlothian, mt. greenwood, oak forest, oak lawn, orland hills, orland park, palos heights, palos hills, palos park, robbins, study guitar, tinley park, willow springs, and worth.

Guitar can be a tough instrument to learn, especially on your own. However it can be fun, enjoyable, easier, and faster with the help of an experienced teacher.

Guitar lessons are available for players of all levels, including beginners. Learn to play lead, rhythm or bass guitar in styles such as classic rock, acoustic rock, blues, folk, metal and jam.
Guitar lessons palos hills

Private music instruction in Palos Park

Private music lessons for the Palos Park community

Palos Music Workshop provides exceptional private music lessons for the Palos Park community.

Palos Music Workshop’s teaching staff provides the best music lessons for students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

Our friendly and efficient staff devote 100% of their attention and expertise to teaching and developing a personalized study program that will nurture a students talents and interests.
Palos Music Workshop

Take Banjo lessons in Palos Park

Take Banjo lessons in Palos Park

Take Banjo lessons in Palos Park! Palos Music Workshop is teaching beginning fundamentals in ways that are fun and easy to do. We have lots of theoretical and practical advice and instruction for advanced musicians as well.

If you’re interested, Palos Music Workshop can teach you to play more than one instrument. Music requires us to play a lot of styles, including rock, classical, jazz, folk, pop -you name it. So if you want to more than one, Contact Palos Music Workshop!
Palos Music Workshop

Oak Forest, IL Guitar Lessons

Beginner Guitar Lessons in Palos Park, All Ages

Palos Music Workshop provides students at all age of experience to work in a highly tailored, one-on-one environment with world-class guitar educators across a range of musical traditions. Our acclaimed PMW faculty has trained at the most respected conservatories in the world and brings a wealth of professional experience that informs their teaching and technique. Private lessons are matched to each individual’s goals and existing playing ability.

The Palos Music Workshop guitar department focus is expanded to include other instruments such as Electric Bass, Mandolin, Banjo, & Drums. Contact us today!
Palos Music Workshop

Palos Park Bass guitar lessons

Bass Lessons – Palos Park

The bass provides the rhythmic and harmonic foundation in music. Bass makes music feel good! The world needs more great bass players. Do you want to play the bass? Palos Music Workshop offers electric bass lessons with experienced and passionate bass teachers. Bass lessons are available for students of all levels and ages even as young as eight years old!

We teach electric bass lessons in classical, rock, jazz and everything in between. Join Palos Music Workshop and learn to lay the foundation for whatever type of band or style that interests you. Call or email Palos Music Workshop today!
Palos Music Workshop

Take Banjo lessons in Palos Park

Guitar, Bass, Banjo, Mandolin Lessons – Palos Park

At Palos Music Workshop, Our MISSION is to provide the highest quality music lessons experience through the guidance of real professional musicians in Palos Park, IL.

Our guitar, bass, banjo and mandolin instructors teach rock, blues, metal, and country music. Beginner students can expect to work on chords, simple songs and melodies, sight reading and theory. Palos Music Workshop accept students of all ages and abilities.
Palos Music Workshop

Palos Music Workshop

Mandolin or Banjo Lessons in Palos Park

Mandolin and banjo lessons at Palos Music Workshop are customized to fit the individual needs of our students. Our expert instructors will teach you the fundamentals using a variety of different methods.

Mandolin and banjo lessons are recommended for younger students and are a great way to build confidence on an instrument. Palos Music Workshop take a rounded approach to learning music, exploring technique, music theory, ear training, reading standard notation and tablature, improvisation and more. Lessons are individually tailored to suit each student’s interests and abilities and cover all musical genres.

Guitar lessons palos hills

Drum Lessons – Palos Park

Welcome to Palos Music Workshop – a complete, top of the line recording studio based in Palos Park, IL. The Studio has premium equipment, and is lead by professional drummer. Palos Music Workshop offers comprehensive instructional programs for the beginner, intermediate and advanced drummer
and percussionist.
Palos Music Workshop