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Advanced Guitar Lessons at Palos Music Workshop

Music Lessons in Palos Park, IL

Welcome to Palos Music Workshop, where students learn to rock and balance education with all the fun and awesomeness of a great jam session.

Whether our students are on guitar, bass, drums, or vocals, Palos Music Workshop’s experienced teachers helps our students build the skills they need beyond the stage.

Palos Music Workshop

Classical Guitar Lessons in Palos Park

Guitar Lessons Palos Park Orland Park Tinley Park

Palos Music Workshop offers professional guitar lessons from a private professional music studio in Palos Park, IL.
All ages are welcome including youngsters, budding rockers or adult hobbyists. Certainly, no previous experience is necessary but some students are well advanced.

Some students have eclectic tastes from the onset and wish to pursue or least seek an introduction to a variety of styles including rock, popular, country or folk. On the other hand, some students really don’t have a particular stylistic aspiration in mind and certainly, equally as welcome.

The guitar is our vehicle in this journey. This process begins with good or proper fundamentals. Great technique never goes out of style and the individual and unique goals of the student are always considered as well.

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Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lessons in Palos Park

Acoustic and Electric Guitar Lessons in Palos Park

Whether you are interested in a specific style or simply want to learn the basics, Palos Music Workshop guitar lessons allow you to learn guitar at your own pace. Lessons are tailored to your musical interests . Play your favorite songs, or learn to read music and understand music theory. You can learn to play popular guitar styles like Classical, Flamenco, Rock, Folk, Country, and much more.

Palos Music Workshop will teach you how to play your favorite electric guitar music from the radio or from any other source. Our teachers are currently active performers in bands of many genres including rock, jazz, reggae, Latin, pop and alternative. The quality and experience of our instructors is another way we provide the best guitar lessons Palos Park has to offer!

Effective guitar lessons in Palos Park

Guitar Lessons near Palos Heights

Palos Music Workshop employs the premier private guitar instructors in and around Palos Park, IL. Palos Music Workshop specializes in guitar lessons (and bass lessons) for all levels and ages—beginners to advanced. And depending on your current musical skills, age, ambition and goals, PMW will tailor a custom lesson program specifically for you. You’ll reach your goals quickly while having a great time in the process.

There’s nothing quite like going to a guitar lesson and learning repetitive, boring exercises the entire time. We know you learn best when you’re engaged and interested in what you’re doing. Our lessons are well-paced, and our approach focuses on the style you want, whether that’s jazz, rock, pop, classical, or something else. For you Mumford and Sons fans, we even offer banjo lessons! But don’t think our flexible style means we don’t take our teaching seriously—It’s our flexibility that let’s us teach everyone the music they want to learn.

We teach beginner to advanced guitar lessons in Palos Park. Whether you’re just beginning and are new to private music instruction – or you already play – give us a call! We offer very affordable, professional guitar and bass lessons. We offer convenient lessons times throughout the day and evening.

Guitar lessons in Palos Park for Children and Adults

Guitar lessons at Palos Music Workshop

At Palos Music Workshop, guitar lessons are fun yet challenging. Our guitar lessons are tailored for the individual for his/her pace and musical styles, whether the student is interested in traditional or by ear guitar lessons. Traditional lessons include technique, exercises, music reading skills and studying specific songs. To learn by ear includes music theory, ear exercises and improvisation.

For guitar instruction we create a positive, you can do it environment and offer styles and songs that are fun and easy to learn while setting the foundation for future lessons. As a student develops, we begin to challenge them with more difficult songs, styles, scales and exercises.

At Palos Music Workshop, your guitar lessons are not only fun and challenging, but convenient as well!

Lessons on GUITAR, BASS, DRUMS in Palos Park

Palos Music Workshop is a professional music lesson studio located in Palos Park, IL offering one on one instruction for guitar, bass guitar and drums. Beginner instruction in mandolin and banjo also available. All ages and all levels are taught from beginner to advanced.
At Palos Music Workshop, students get the one-on-one attention they need in order to learn and understand music and its many aspects. Our instructors are committed and caring individuals that will make sure every student has the resources, skills, and motivation needed in order to establish their own practice routines and help them become successful musicians.

Palos Music Workshop

Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass and Drum Lessons in Palos Park

Learning an instrument in a music recording studio environment has many advantages and is a lot more fun, creative and rewarding. From your teacher jumping on drums or bass for you to develop your independence and timing as a player and recording prepared projects you’ve been working on, to playing at a higher volume to get to know your gear’s real sound, the rockin’ memories you’ll walk away with will fuel your inspiration to practice and improve fast.

Palos Music Workshop offers private guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo and drum lessons for all ages! Lessons depend on each individual’s level, age, instrument and how frequently he/she wants to set up the lesson.

Palos Music Workshop instructors are all professional musicians with years of experience teaching and performing; they have degrees in their field of expertise as well as film, TV, recording and live performance experience.

Effective guitar lessons in Palos Park

Take Guitar Lessons in Palos Park, IL

Whether or not you’re a seasoned professional or absolute beginner, we’d like you to give Palos Music Workshop a try in your guitar education. We’re committed to providing the finest guitar lessons in the Palos Park area. Currently, we have students from Palos Heights, Palos Hills, Orland Park, Chicago Ridge, Oak Forest and Crestwoood and all of our students find our Palos Park location convenient and easily accessible.

Give us a call at 815.519.7851and ask for Ernie for more details.

Palos Music Workshop

Palos Music Workshop is a professional music lesson studio located in Palos Park, IL offering one on one instruction for guitar, bass guitar and drums. Beginner instruction in mandolin and banjo also available.
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