Advanced Guitar Lessons at Palos Music Workshop

Private Guitar, Bass Guitar, and Drum Lessons in Palos Heights

Palos Music Workshop is a music school located in the Southwest Chicago Suburbs. We provide private guitar, bass, and drum lessons in a friendly and open atmosphere.
*Our instructors are chosen based on their instrumental knowledge/playing ability, and experience as a communicator and teacher.
*Our instructors cater a program to your individual needs, so you learn exactly what you want to, providing you an efficient and enjoyable learning experience.
*Palos Music Workshop is open to students of all ages and abilities.
*Lessons can involve theory, song learning, song writing, ear training, lead guitar, rhythm guitar and much more.
*All genres welcome, including classical, bass guitar, modern, pop, jazz, rock, R&B, metal, slide, country and blues.
*No registration fee!

Guitar, Bass Guitar and drum lessons are now available! Please contact us to get started.
Palos Music Workshop

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