Music Lessons in Palos Park

Get Guitar Lessons in Oak Lawn, Oak Forest

Palos Music Workshop brings music and music education to Chicago’s Southwest Suburbs. Music education has been the foundation of Palos Music Workshop.

Whether you are a new student or have been studying for 5 years, or 100, we have instructors to fit your needs.

What you can expect from Palos Music Workshop:
• We select our teachers based on their musicianship, education and their passion for teaching
• All of our teachers are thoroughly checked
• Our teachers offer a personalized service—catering to the student’s needs rather than the teacher’s
• Learning styles are all unique. We understand this and therefore provide a variety of top-quality teachers to provide you with the best possible learning experience
• Offering one on one instruction for guitar, bass guitar and drums. Beginner instruction in mandolin and banjo also available.
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