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Palos Music Workshop | Private Music Lessons around Chicago

Get Guitar Lessons near Palos Heights

Get great guitar lessons at Palos Music Workshop!

Most guitar students want to learn their favorite songs, how to strum chords, how to solo, and how to jam with their friends. Palos Music Workshop will develop a personalized course of study to help you become the best guitarist you can be.

Palos Music Workshop guitar teachers can teach you almost any style: Rock, Jazz, Metal, Funk, Country and more!

Palos Music Workshop can develop a personalized course of study to help you reach your full potential.

If there a particular style of music you are interested in, the lessons can be tailored to suit. We’ll battle through the songs you are interested in playing and we’ll have fun!
Palos Music Workshop

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Guitar Lessons in Alsip, IL

Take Guitar Lessons near Palos Hills

A few reasons to take private guitar lessons at Palos Music Workshop:

1) Prevent bad habits. Learned to play guitar on your own? Developed some bad techniques? Formal lessons can show your mistakes and get you on the road to progress.

2) Someone to push you. Private teachers are there to keep you honest and make sure you are practicing. Don’t let the guitar you got for Christmas sit next to you for six months.

3) Detailed personal support. All Palos Music Workshop students have access to ask us questions about their guitar playing.

4) Flexibility. With Palos Music Workshop private guitar lessons you can move lesson times in emergency if necessary and still get the hand guided personal approach you paid for.

Contact Palos Music Workshop today!
Palos Music Workshop
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Advanced Guitar Lessons at Palos Music Workshop

Palos Park, IL Guitar Lessons

Regardless of age, style, or playing level, Palos Music Workshop guitar lessons focus on providing the student with the tools one needs to play music well while having a great time doing so!

All musicians need a mastery of the fundamentals. Topics such as how to position your instrument, understanding how written music works, playing “in time”, knowing all the notes on your instrument, scale and chord fingerings, where chords come from, and how chords and scales relate to each other are all frequently addressed. Chord progressions, melodic devices, and what scales were used for composing and improvising are discussed.

Lessons are taught on a “one on one” basis in sessions ranging from a half hour (most common) to two hours. For information regarding guitar lessons, contact Palos Music Workshop!
Palos Music Workshop

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Private music lessons in Palos Park

Guitar Lessons – Beginner to Advanced – Palos Park

Palos Music Workshop is a locally owned professional recording studio located in Palos Park. We offer private lessons for the guitar, bass guitar and drums.
Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced musician, there is something here for you. For beginner players, our lessons guide you through the entire learning process and take you as far as you want to go. Whether you want to be able to teach yourself some of your favorite songs, write your own songs, or become a working professional in the industry, we can help. If you are an intermediate player, our lessons help you fill in all of those missing pieces, help you feel more confident with the knowledge and skill you already have and help you to correct problems that are holding you back. And for advanced players, we can help refine your advanced techniques and theory knowledge and give you some new ideas if you are feeling stale. And for those of you who have had a bad experience with a previous music instructor, we’ll get you or your child back on track.

Our teaching method is very straightforward. We guide students through the chords, scales and techniques that they will need to learn songs, develop reading and analytical skills required to learn the even the most complicated songs easily, the best resources to find the music for songs on their own, and the tools to make sure the songs that they learn are accurate, and if not, how to fix them.
Everyone is different but everyone is still only human. First, if there is a style of music that you hate, we won’t work on it, because everyone is different. Second, if you are into a vast array of styles or after a while want to switch styles completely, for example if you loved blues but now you want to play metal, no problem.
Regardless of your goals, Palos Music Workshop can help you get there. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes hard, but it’s always fun and always rewarding.
Palos Music Workshop
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Sign-Up for Music Lessons in Palos Park

Sign-Up for Music Lessons in Palos Park

Palos Music Workshop has one of the best and most comprehensive private music lesson programs in Chicago’s Southwest Suburbs. Our dedicated staff of teachers and professional private music studio make lessons convenient and safe for you and your family.

Palos Music Workshop offers instrument lessons in guitar, bass guitar, drums, and specialty instruments including mandolin, and banjo.

– Our teachers are highly qualified and have all the skills necessary to make your lesson experience satisfying and rewarding
– Palos Music Workshop offers a controlled, safe environment
– Our staff is eager to help with all of your musical needs, from books and accessories to choosing the right instrument.

Just contact Palos Music Workshop. We will contact you within 24 hours of your request and finalize all the arrangements! Congratulations on getting started or extending your musical journey!
Guitar lessons palos hills

Palos Music Workshop | Private Music Lessons around Chicago

Get Professional Guitar Lessons near Palos Heights

Palos Music Workshop continues our tradition of offering
high quality music education geared to children
and adults. Whether you are a serious music student
or simply a music lover, we provide a wide range of
lessons to meet your interests and schedule. Our teachers are
accomplished professionals and concert
performers with advanced degrees and provide
stimulating and innovative lessons.

Private instruction consists of lessons where an individual student learns to play an instrument or to sing, developing technical skills and artistic abilities through one-on-one instruction. Contact Palos Music Workshop today!

Instruction is available in the following instruments:
• Drums/Percussion
• Guitar (acoustic/electric)
• Bass Guitar
• Banjo
• Mandolin

Palos Music Workshop

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Sign up for Guitar Lessons in Palos Park!

Sign up for Guitar Lessons in Palos Park!

Palos Music Workshop offers private one-on-one guitar lessons, bass guitar lessons and drum lessons. All lessons are taught by our professional teaching staff who have many years of experience and are skilled in many different playing styles. We also offer instruction on banjo and mandolin!

There is NEVER a sign up fee for lessons at Palos Music Workshop.

We have students from 8 years old to as old as 92. We teach everyone from beginners who have never held an instrument, all the way up to pros who just want to add some new licks to their repertoire.

Contact Palos Music Workshop!
Palos Music Workshop

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Looking for guitar lessons in Palos Park?

Take Guitar Lessons or Bass Guitar Lessons in Palos Park

Looking for guitar lessons? When most people first pick up the guitar they have every intention of being creative and finding a means of self-expression. They may seek out guitar lessons, only to find themselves simply learning cover tunes rather than developing the knowledge base upon which a personal style and creative self-expression can be built.

You can become a proficient and accomplished guitarist who is capable of: arranging commercial and original material through the use of chord and solo/lead guitar techniques, playing across a variety of musical styles, and developing your own unique musical voice.

Palos Music Workshop helps aspiring guitarists to become musicians, including students who have performed locally and nationally.

Most students are not professionals, but are passionate hobbiests who use music as an emotional release, a creative outlet, and a means of self-expression.

Palos Music Workshop

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Sign-Up for Music Lessons in Palos Park

Beginning through advanced private guitar lessons in Palos Park

Palos Music Workshop teachers are experienced professionals chosen for their expertise in music education and performance. We believe that music education should be an enjoyable experience and we strive to make each lesson positive and filled with a sense of accomplishment. Palos Music Workshop instructors are University trained, experienced professionals. Guitar lessons are available for all ages- from 4 through 104.

Palos Music Workshop is very flexible with scheduling. Private lessons are available in drums, guitar, bass guitar, banjo, mandolin, music theory and music ear training.

Palos Music Workshop
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Classical Guitar Lessons in Palos Park

Palos Music Workshop offers guitar lessons and more!

Guitar lessons at Palos Music Workshop are for people of all ages who want to enjoy making music. Research has shown that music instruction provides people with important experiences that can help develop physical coordination, timing, memory, visual, aural and language skills.

Parents have discovered that music for kids helps improve their child’s self confidence, concentration, and focus. These improvements help children succeed in school and in other extra curricular activities.

You’re never too old for music lessons. Palos Music Workshop guitar lessons help you stay mentally active. Many adult students are picking up their first instrument while others are relearning an instrument they played in their youth. Either way, taking music lessons is therapeutic to the body, mind, and spirit.
Palos Music Workshop
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