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Guitar Lessons in SW Chicago Suburbs

Guitar Lessons in SW Chicago Suburbs

Palos Music Workshop provides guitar, bass guitar, and drum lessons from the most experienced, dedicated and enthusiastic tutors around. With Palos Music Workshop you are guaranteed first class guitar lessons that are conveniently located in Chicago’s SW Suburbs.

Our guitar lessons guarantee your best possible progress! The courses and lessons are designed to be fun, yet are packed with all the information you need to become a strong confident guitarist. Our talented instructors have a huge amount of experience and fully understand the progression of the instrument, allowing them to cater each individual lesson to your needs.

Guitar Lessons in SW Chicago Suburbs

Month to Month Music Lessons in Palos Park

Guitar/Bass Guitar, Drums, & other music lessons in Palos Park!
This studio offers multiple popular musical instruments.

The Most Qualified Teaching Faculty in Palos Park

We have private music teachers, all with University degrees and professional performance experience. Our teachers love what they do and dedicate themselves to teaching you in accordance with your musical goals. They know the perfect balance of hands-on technique, performance, theory and fun! Palos Music Workshop is confident that we have the right teacher for you.

Want professional Guitar Lessons?

Private Music Lessons in Palos Park

Do what you love, just do it better at Palos Music Workshop with some of the best guitar instructors in Palos Park!

Palos Music Workshop teaches private lessons to students of all ages, from complete beginner to advanced, all styles of music from metal to Mozart…

Whether you’re home schooled, retired or self taught, we’ll suit your needs and schedule.

Palos Music Workshop helps takes our musicians out of the classrooms and into Chicago’s music scene.

Ready to start learning an instrument? Click here to contact us today!

Too old to take Guitar lessons? Not in Palos Park

Private music lessons in Palos Park

At Palos Music Workshop, we believe that music makes a difference in the lives of people. We love helping others learn to express themselves through music. Are you ready? Lessons are available on most instruments and we’re here to take you as far as you want to go.

Palos Music Workshop provides music lessons in a fun learning environment where you will feel comfortable, while being supported in working toward your potential. Our teachers will inspire you and become your personal music coach, giving you new techniques, tools, guidance, and feedback to nurture your talent and fuel your love of music!

New enrollments can take place anytime.
• Lessons are offered for all ages and all playing levels
• Private lesson rates are affordable and flexible

Music Lessons in Palos Park

Music Lessons in Palos Park

The Palos Music Workshop offers private music lessons on of a variety of instruments including guitar, bass guitar, drums and more. Beginner instruction in mandolin and banjo also available. All ages and all levels are taught from beginner to advanced. We take a rounded approach to learning music, exploring technique, music theory, ear training, reading standard notation and tablature, improvisation and more.

We have a spacious, well equipped studio, and our talented, professional music teachers ensure students of all ages the best possible learning experience. Feel free to contact us about Music Lessons. Someone will contact you regarding schedule availability.

Personal, Professional Music Lessons in Palos Park

Take Music Lessons in Palos Park

Are you looking for a professional and fun music school that can help you or your child learn to play music in a safe and nurturing environment? Palos Music Workshop’s main purpose of music lessons is to provide individuals with a fun activity that can build self-esteem, enhance a child’s development, and become a useful outlet for pent-up energy in a safe and supportive environment. We realize you have a choice between local music schools and private teachers in Palos Park and Chicago. While you are here researching the best school for you, please consider the benefits of becoming a Palos Music Workshop student.

We have several music teachers, all with University training and professional performance experience. Our music instructors are dedicated to learning about your personal musical goals and helping you to achieve them. We are confident that we have the right teacher to meet your needs. In addition to their teaching credentials, our instructors have warm personalities, are friendly, personable, and dedicated to teaching you the style of music you want to learn.
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Private music lessons in Palos Park

Guitar Lessons in Palos Park, IL

Learn guitar from experienced and patient teachers in Palos Park. Palos Music Workshop instructors have taught guitar to many students of all ages and playing levels. We have proven, easy to understand method for helping beginning students play their first chords and songs within the first few lessons. For advanced students, our teachers can help refine skills and teach the theory and techniques to bring your playing to a higher level.
Palos Music Workshop students play a variety of styles including rock, blues, folk, country, funk, and bluegrass.
With some practice Palos Music Workshop can help all of guitar students achieve their musical goals whether they want to perform onstage, jam with friends, or just play around the house.

Guitar lessons in Palos Park for Children and Adults

Guitar lessons at Palos Music Workshop

At Palos Music Workshop, guitar lessons are fun yet challenging. Our guitar lessons are tailored for the individual for his/her pace and musical styles, whether the student is interested in traditional or by ear guitar lessons. Traditional lessons include technique, exercises, music reading skills and studying specific songs. To learn by ear includes music theory, ear exercises and improvisation.

For guitar instruction we create a positive, you can do it environment and offer styles and songs that are fun and easy to learn while setting the foundation for future lessons. As a student develops, we begin to challenge them with more difficult songs, styles, scales and exercises.

At Palos Music Workshop, your guitar lessons are not only fun and challenging, but convenient as well!

Palos Music Workshop

Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Bass and Drum Lessons in Palos Park

Learning an instrument in a music recording studio environment has many advantages and is a lot more fun, creative and rewarding. From your teacher jumping on drums or bass for you to develop your independence and timing as a player and recording prepared projects you’ve been working on, to playing at a higher volume to get to know your gear’s real sound, the rockin’ memories you’ll walk away with will fuel your inspiration to practice and improve fast.

Palos Music Workshop offers private guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo and drum lessons for all ages! Lessons depend on each individual’s level, age, instrument and how frequently he/she wants to set up the lesson.

Palos Music Workshop instructors are all professional musicians with years of experience teaching and performing; they have degrees in their field of expertise as well as film, TV, recording and live performance experience.

Why Take Guitar Lessons near Lemont, IL?

Why Take Guitar Lessons near Lemont, IL?

Learn guitar in a superior lesson environment. Palos Music Workshop is spacious, comfortable, without distractions, where full focus is on providing you with the absolute best quality guitar lessons near Lemont, IL.
Learn music by making music, in an exciting and interactive way. In addition to learning songs, you will improve such skills as soloing/improvisation, technique/speed, creativity, theory, reading standard music notation and TAB, understanding scales, arpeggios, connecting the fretboard positions and how everything fits together.
Palos Music Workshop
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